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  5 Ways a Good Locksmith Can Protect Your Home

A locksmith in Westwood does much more than just pick locks and retrieve locksmithinwestwood-1jammed keys. As a matter of fact, when it comes to your home’s security, a locksmith is invaluable. If you are interested in ensuring the home safety of you and your family, then you need to know what kind of safety-related services a locksmith can provide for you. Here are five ways a good locksmith can protect your home:

High security locks & Keys. Your front door, as well as other external doors to your home, should be equipped with a high security dead bolt lock. Simpler locks, such as those found on your home’s internal doors, are much easier to get past, so it pays to know the difference and see to it that a qualified locksmith installs the proper locks where they count the most.

Alarm systems. Did you know that your local locksmith may also be able to locksmithinwestwoodnjinstall a new security system in your home (or replace an old one)? That’s right – for everything from wiring the home to programming the keypad – a locksmith can get the job done.

Customized locks. Perhaps it’s not your front door you want secured, but rather your smaller valuables and important belongings. For example, if you have a special filing cabinet where you store the deed to your house, savings bonds, and passports, then you will want to protect those documents from getting in to the hands of the wrong people. A locksmith can manufacture a custom locking system for any unit inside your home.

Window locks. Many home intruders forego the high security, front door dead bolts in favor of coming in through a window. Fortunately, you can take the necessary measures to deter any unwanted guests by hiring a locksmith to install window locks.

Outside areas. It goes without saying that you don’t want your home to be vulnerable to intruders . . . but have you considered the security needs of your outside areas? A qualified locksmith can help guide you through an outdoor safety plan that will cover security for your pool/hot tub area, dog house, shed, workshop, garden, grill space, and more.

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04/10/2013 (press release: nvisionsolutions) // Lucas Shearer

Installing a sound security system can protect a house from burglars. Home owners can protect family members and high valued possessions if the necessary precautions are taken care of such as installing an alarm system and high security locks are well maintained. If the security system is intact, it will deter a burglar from targeting the house.

Citywide Locksmith, a locksmith service, offered valuable tips on keeping burglars out. The company offers quality solutions for the security and safety of the house at economical prices. If the homeowner is locked out or needs to change the lock after an attempted burglary, Citywide Locksmith also offers emergency locksmith services.

Lucas Shearer, Owner of Citywide Locksmith said on the occasion, “We always advice our customers not to take their house for granted. Burglary can catch you unaware and if your house is not secure, you lose your valuables and peace of mind.”

Tips on Preventing Burglaries

While investing in a security system with alarm system, CCTV, intercom systems and high-security locks, choosing a reputed locksmith services company such as Citywide Locksmith is good option.

All the doors and windows in the house must be wired with an alarm system. At night, it is necessary to properly close all the doors and windows of the house.

Instead of installing pushbutton locks, it is advisable to install deadbolt locks, which offer more security as they are difficult and time consuming for the burglars to open.

Locksmith services companies such as Citywide locksmith also provide iron gates that not only add to the decor of the house but also give protection against extreme force.

Installing lights at key entry points in the house will deter the burglar. Installing motion-sensitive light in the backyard is also a good measure.

Ensure that the garage door is always locked. In addition, the attic window should also be connected to the alarm system.

It is also necessary to associate with a company such as Citywide locksmith as they provide emergency locksmith services.

About Citywide Locksmith Toronto

Established in 1962, CityWide Locksmith began as mobile locksmith company in Toronto. With the aim of exploring this untapped locksmith industry, Harold Shearer founded Citywide Locksmith Toronto. Citywide Locksmith Toronto offers a wide range of services such as access control systems, security camera systems, key automotive and cutting key services and locksmith solutions to residents, industries and educational institutions. Equipped with a fast response team and trained professionals, the company has been able to provide customized solutions.

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